(OOPS in PHP) Object Oriented Programming System in PHP

Object Oriented Programming System , or OOPS, refers to the method of programming that invokes the use of classes to organize the data and structure of an application.

Main Parts of OOPS

OOPS in PHP is simple as applying in any other programming  language. By using OOPS we can achieve high executing speed and less coding.

Advantages of OOPS

Code re-usability : By defining a class one can use same code  number of times with the help of objects implement of class

Inheritance : With the help of inheritance we can reduce or remove  redundant code and can extend the use of existing classes.

Encapsulation: Encapsulation provides programmer to hide the data and functions in a class from other classes.It is achieved through access  modifiers like private, protected, public.

Polymorphism :It provides us with methods extensibility. with the help of  Polymorphism we can have different methods with same name, but with different kinds of behavior.

Abstraction: Abstraction allows us to define a common definition of a base class that multiple derived classes can share.

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